Lifelines is a growing collection of portraits drawn live, of individuals I meet serendipitously around the world.

It started on a trip to Thailand in November 2004 when I decided it might be fun to draw some of the characters I was meeting along the way. Three weeks after my return home, the Boxing Day Tsunami wiped out the very places I had just met so many wonderful people. I realised then the bond I had formed with these individuals, and that in the process of creating these portraits, I had captured more than just a moment in time. 

Since then, I find myself addicted to drawing these portraits, especially when I travel ... from familiar faces to those of completely random strangers I come across in the street. It’s an amazing exchange of experiences between myself and these individuals – especially when some of the boundaries are massive cultural differences and language itself ... but these vanish, and a human bond remains, leaving a lasting impression on both of us.

Thailand, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Bali and most recently Spain, France and the UK are among the locations so far ... and some time in the future, maybe even you.

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