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  • VIDEO : 'Grow Us Up Strong' Toddler Tucker campaign with David Wirrpanda and Shannon Mcquire


    Take a peek at a bit of the 'Grow Us Up Strong' video I art directed at key2creative as part of Meerilinga's Toddler Tucker campaign for which David Wirrpanda, Shannon McGuire and their children Marley and Eli were engaged as ambassadors.

    Toddler Tucker is a federally funded pilot program developed by Meerilinga aimed to improve Aboriginal Health outcomes primarily aimed at families and carers of toddlers. Meerilinga required a suite of resources to be created which needed to be delivered in a variety of settings in line with the needs of the participants.

    Kit included; video, flip chart, work booklets, posters, ads. 

    Visit: for more information.

    Agency: key2creative. Creative Director: Aneta Wnek